Summer Music Festival Event Southeast Asia

There are many international event Southeast Asia that you can enjoy in annual celebration. When you think Southeast Asia, you might imagine the exotic land with beautiful landscape, indigenous culture, and the colorful tradition and culture. When you think to go to music festival in countries where it sound music not as the main basis for music, it will not be wrong for enjoy music festival right?

Cambodian Music Festival

Cambodia is a place where culture is impeccable for eye to see. The Cambodian music festival is the annual music festival that brings the musical arts from entire world into a single platform. The musical performances represent the diversity of cultural and music is the best way for describe. The music festival is going in July.

Baybeats festival in Singapore

Singapore is small country but this has many attractive performances to see when holiday. Baybeats music festival is one of the largest music festivals that take in August. This music festival presents the local bands performances with wide ranges genre start from metal, rock, and electro.

Rainforest World Music Festival in malaysia

If you are planning to go to Malaysia in August, then do not forget to visit and enjoy the rainforest world music festival. This is the lineup of the world musicians to acclaimed their performance and existence. The music festival presents with the allure and nature of rainforest when it held. The world cultural artist will play in this music festival.

Java Jazz, Indonesia

Jakarta International java jazz is the Asia events largest jazz festival in the world and held in Jakarta. This music festival held in March and designed for largest festival jazz in global world. The festival was held at 2005 for the first time. For you who love music, world class music, then enjoy Jakarta Java jazz festival is the best option for you.